Smith & Sons Lands Walter E. Washington Convention Center Contract with New Security Innovation

Smith & Sons has been awarded the contract to install an innovative smart lock and key management at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, replacing the legacy mechanical locks installed on more than 1,600 doors. A minority-owned general contractor specializing in site utilities, facility maintenance, and security solutions, Smith & Sons has continuously evolved to focus on unique infrastructure innovations. The company’s revolutionary locking solution allows single key, controlled access without the need for costly new door installation by retrofitting existing doors.

Smith & Sons has recently unveiled their new visual branding including the launch of their new logo and website, which represent the company’s forward-thinking, innovative direction, broader scope of services, and the leading-edge technologies they will provide. The unique smart locking system is just one of the many infrastructure solutions they currently offer to facilities throughout the region.

In addition to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (doing business as Events DC), the company has recently completed installations of its innovative smart lock system at the Executive Loft building and the Entertainment and Sports Arena, home to the Washington Mystics games and the Washington Wizards practice facility. The Convention Center contract began as an implementation of the locking solution in the executive suites and entertainment center, and was quickly expanded to include the entire facility.

“Smith & Sons is thrilled to be able to deliver this solution to such a prominent D.C. landmark like the (Walter E. Washington) Convention Center,” said Benjamin Wells, Smith & Sons Chief Operating Officer.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Smith & Sons has been offering general contracting services to a variety of D.C. agencies for over 35 years, dating back to 1984. Each successfully completed project positioned the company to bid on larger contracts, with greater scopes.

“It is an honor to still be in business after so many years and to be rejuvenated by the innovations presented to us in this new millennium,” said Mike Smith, Smith & Sons President and Chief Executive Officer.

The partnership with the Walter E. Washington Convention Center is only the start to Smith & Sons’ aggressive growth plan to enter new markets. The continued evolution of their organization will be matched by an ongoing branding campaign, starting with the new visual direction presented in their new logo and the launch of their new company website.