Concept of biometric technology


RONIN™ is an intelligent threat detection platform designed to protect your facilities from violent or non-violent threats. It performs a non-invasive, 3D scan of visitors and can immediately identify and pinpoint the location of any prohibited items, from weapons to recording devices. RONIN™ supports multi-sensor fusion and assessment from sensor types like seismic, acoustic, radio frequency, ultrasound, thermal, RADAR, millimeter wave, chemical detectors, biometrics, and more.

Despite a large suite of features, RONIN™ maintains low operational costs, so you can guarantee secure facilities without breaking your budget. In addition, unlike with a metal detector, there is no need for there is visitors to slow down, empty their pockets, put their hands up, etc. RONIN™ works discreetly and effectively in even the most high-traffic areas. Visitors stalled in a security line creates a bad customer experience, as well as a “soft spot” to be exploited by terrorists.

Smith & Sons’s team is trained to install RONIN™ in the places where it will be most effective and ensure it is set up properly.

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