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Lock and Key Management Solution

VeraPass is a comprehensive electronic locking solution that allows single key, controlled access without the need for costly new installation by retrofitting existing doors, lockers, computer racks, ATM toppers, doors, and more. It is designed for institutions where audit, compliance, and risk impact day-to-day procedures and operations. VeraPass is comprised of enterprise management software, high security kiosks, certified biometric readers, Medeco NexGen XT programmable keys, and electromechanical lock cores.

VeraPass is a highly secure locking solution that is easy to use and administer. It provides the advantages of physical keys and mechanical locks, but with the reporting and auditing capabilities of traditional electronic access at a fraction of the cost.

Our team is qualified to consult on and install VeraPass in your facilities, ensuring the security of your spaces, sensitive information, and more.

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