Building construction of metal steel framework

Our Core Clients

Smith & Sons is proud to have served a variety of industries over our 35+ year history. We have gained an exceptional reputation for quality amongst our clients, and we have an impeccable track record for safety. Today, our work covers the following industries:

Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, Building Washington, DC


Smith & Sons has strength in government facilities maintenance as well as underground utilities. As an innovator for security in infrastructure, our teams are trained to handle any and all government contracts with the sensitivity they deserve. Whether we are installing new structures, reinforcing existing structures, or enhancing the security of your buildings, you can count a high quality of work that complies with all necessary procedures.

Exterior of a commercial building


Our commercial work includes all of our major capabilities, done to your specifications. We take pride in acting as a partner and a consultant in order to ensure your structures are meeting your goals. Smith & Sons can help you solve a list of business challenges through infrastructure innovation, such as energy efficiency, ensuring visitors feel secure, and other goals that are important to you.

Administration entrance for a school


Educational facilities have the ongoing challenge of developing structures that are appropriate for both inspiring students and ensuring their safety. Smith & Sons is skilled at meeting this challenge, as our teams are trained to adhere to rigorous guidelines for everything we build, install, or replace. Safety is just as important to us as it is to you, so everything we produce — no matter how custom — will ensure that students, faculty, and visitors have a quality experience.