eHub system


eHub is a reliable, efficient, and affordable off-grid solar-powered system that provides energy to the spaces you need it. eHub can be used on its own or in tandem with other security products, such as Verapass keys.

Smith & Sons provides two forms of the eHub product. The first is a portable solar generator, which allows for energy in the most dire of situations. It eliminates the need for diesel-powered generators, and it comes with an integrated solar panel that charges the energy storage system within. It can also be charged via wall outlets, and it ensures critical operations will always receive power.

The second eHub product we provide is the eHub Fixed System. Like the portable solar generator, it includes a solar panel for charging. However, it is meant for fixed structures, and one eHub device is capable of powering up to three rooms of a house.

Ensure that your facilities are always secure by providing back-up off-grid power for your structures.

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