eHub 50: A PORTABLE SOLAR GENERATOR awarded contract #CW42950 on DC Supply Schedule

Washington, DC – Smith and Sons LLC is excited to announce the launch of eHub 50 Portable Solar Charger to the DC Supply Schedule. The eHub portable solar generator provides power for off-grid applications and eliminates the need for diesel-powered generators. The portable system comes with an integrated foldable solar panel that charges the included energy storage system from the sun. The eHub is capable of charging eight mobile devices simultaneously in addition to providing off-grid lighting.

eHub 50 was designed by Dufsar Energy LLC, an innovative renewable energy company co-founded by Hizkyas (Hiz) Dufera. Hiz is originally from Ethiopia but grew up in the Washington, DC area. He is a graduate of Bethesda Chevy Chase High School and University of Maryland, College Park.

eHubAccording the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook, there are over 1.2 Billion people in the world without access to electricity of which nearly 620 million are in Africa. Hizkays’ resolve to tackle energy challenges in developing countries originated from a visit to his grandmother’s birthplace in the rural areas of Ethiopia. During his stay, he experienced life without lighting and basic electricity. Astounded by the significant impact the lack of energy can have on the livelihood of people, he and his friend Joe utilized their engineering training and experience to design and develop an innovative, reliable, and affordable clean energy solution (eHub 50) which they self-funded. Proudly made in USA, the eHub 50 is transforming the lives of many people in developing countries.

This eHub is also providing clean energy solutions here in the US where Smith and Sons LLC is one of the first distributors of the eHub in the United States.


  • Power for disaster recovery
  • Power for emergency preparedness
  • Portable Power for charging mobile phones and other communication devices
  • Power for remote security cameras
  • Portable Power for construction and aid workers who operate in remote locations
  • Power and lighting for multiple off-grid applications