“Intelligent Threat Detection System” Demonstration

Everyone is aware of the threats to the public, today.

Therefore, security experts and security-minded professionals are invited to a demonstration of one of our products, an “Intelligent Threat Detection System,” TOMORROW, Thursday, December 14th @11:00 am. This unique technology detects the presence of weapons (long guns, handguns, etc.) The potential threat is displayed on any Smartphone or video monitor. The operational costs are a fraction of those associated with metal detectors and security screeners.

This threat detection system has unmatched capabilities to traditional metal detectors. It detects both ferrous (iron-based) and non-ferrous materials with location-specific photographs of where a threat is detected. The sensors can be installed several ways, including in existing foundations, covertly or as a portable unit.

The software updates (via the cloud) eliminate expensive replacement costs, consistent with large, bulky metal detectors and is “smart” because it scans at different levels of sensitivity.

This technology saves lives! Watch the “Be Safe” video


December 14, 2017, @11:00 am
Hillcrest Recreation Center
3100 Denver Street, SE
Washington, DC 20020

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